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art assignment # 5 - This piece makes me more mad because...

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Steve Flynn Art 1200 Field Trip # 5 Sadashi Inuzuka There are many possibilities of the meaning “Losing Blue”, but I think that the meaning of the installation is how we are losing the ocean and the ocean’s creatures. I think the cracked material represents the dry rock that has and will become our ocean and the projected imagery represents the water that used to be there. When I look at this piece it almost brings a peaceful yet sad feeling, the moving water makes it look peaceful and then when I realize the meaning it is sad to think about. The second piece on the floor to me represents the bottles and pollution that are lining the ocean floor and destroying the ocean. The bottles seem to have a real texture, even though they may not feel real they are the same size and shape. The projected imagery represents the ocean and makes it look like the ocean floor.
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Unformatted text preview: This piece makes me more mad because people shouldn’t pollute and destroy something so amazing. When I look at the 8 pieces on the wall I get excited for some reason, the pieces are 3D and bursting out at me, and they look amazing. I think they represent the other living things in the ocean, and say that there are other things besides, animals that live in the ocean. The mouth is saying “help”, and I would finish the phrase with “when will I learn”. Inuzuka’s work comments on our contemporary world by showing what we are doing each day. Every time we don’t throw away that bottle, or pick up that piece of trash, we may not notice it then but when he puts this work together it brings it all home. It is a great example of what we are really doing to our world....
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