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Steve Flynn BW1 01/14/08 Dirty Deeds 1.Due to irresponsible lending by the banks the foreclosed and vacant home are beginning to deteriorate and fall apart leaving the community to look bad, well the communities are fighting back by suing the banks and lenders saying that it is there responsibility for the upkeep of the house. 2. The housing industry is so important to the economy because a house gives its owner a sense of self worth and value, if there home isn’t worth very much then they aren’t worth very much which could lead to an economic recession at some point in time. That computer is so you 3. Computers are changing dramatically; they went from being a white box and serving one purpose for everyone to a different purpose for a different person. You can get colors and sizes and if you’re willing to pay for it jewels on your computer. They are changing more or less to one up the other companies and offer a wide variety of styles so people can get what tickles there fancy. 4.
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