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Steve Flynn 01/23/08 BW2 Youthquake 1. The 3 most cited concerns of my generation are, Debt, we need to fix the college expenses and get out of debt, jobs, jobs need to have better benefits and not go over seas, and finally health care, my generation is one of the fastest growing group of uninsured and it needs to change. 2. In general my generation thinks that the federal government’s operating system is in need of a sweeping update. 3. Three things that my parents generation is taking for granted that we are seeing evaporate are, company-provided health insurance, social security, affordable education, and many others. 4. The inflation-adjusted earnings of new college grads have fallen 8.5% since 2000. 5. The two most prominent forms of debt that plague my generation are mounting college cost with dwindling financial aid and credit card debt. 6. The most desirable attribute my generation looks for in an employer is a good benefits package, way above high salaries or opportunities for advancement. 7. What I think is most important to my generation is debt, like the article said my
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