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bw9 - aiding communities that have suffered a loss in tax...

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Steve Flynn BW 9 04/03/08 1. The fed announced that they would be willing to lend directly to major Wall Street brokers, and brokered the fire sale of Bear Stearns to JP Morgan Chase. 2. Bernanke put a ton of money into the financial system because he stepped in so aggressively and it may boost inflation. 3. Because banks are reluctant to lend and consumers are afraid to borrow, also the people without the best education saw that real wages have decreased. 4. Investors are still so worried because more and more banks keep going under because of the mortgage crisis and it affects the whole financial economy. 5. Health care and most technology, mining, food-production, and energy sectors are still holding up. 6. The candidates for the election have taken the falling economy and used it to build a platform, coming up with ways that they can fix the economy is most appealing to voters, plans range from extending unemployment benefits and
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Unformatted text preview: aiding communities that have suffered a loss in tax revenues from foreclosures to refinancing homeowners who need cheaper mortgages. 7. So far Europe’s economy has shown resilience to the declining dollar, but the concern is still there because the automaker section is going to have to raise interest rates. 8. NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Agreement, the cons are that some Americans lose jobs to Mexico or Canada because of cheap labor, but the pros are that new ones are created in heavy manufacturing and services, and Mexico specializes in industries where it has cheap labor but it imports U.S. goods requiring advanced technology. 9. The olympic games are now serving to highlight events such as the crackdown in Tibet, which is not was was planned. 10. CBS Capitalized because they are going to stream all 63 games on the web and bring around 23 million from ads, up from 10 million last year....
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