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Pimanong Yunyongkasamsuk 908752434 Human Biology Paper CHECK FOR CONTRACTIONS Obesity is a big concern for Americans today. We know this to be a problem because people are being more aware of what they eat. Nutritionists and scientists have also come up with ways people can lose weight and be thin. But what exactly is a healthy diet? People have different views on that. One type of diet that people practice is the dangerous low-carbohydrate weight-loss diet. Josh, a dieter who is on this particular diet, is attempting to lose weight by lowering his consumption of carbohydrates in order to lose weight. His choice of foods is an unhealthy one because he's limited his diet to his favorite fatty foods—bacon, eggs, sausage, chicken (fried using transfat oils), steak, coffee, and oils. Eggs are high in fat. He consumes on the average of five eggs a day. He limits vegetables, which means that he’s limiting the fibers that are needed to lower cholesterol. This can lead to high levels of cholesterol and fat. If he continues to main
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