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raza paper combined - The Raza communities in the United...

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The Raza communities in the United States are plagued with many problems that are social and economical. Hispanic immigrants are caught in the tangle between poverty and immigration. Many Raza communities have high percentages of immigrants that live in poverty. The lack of governmental assistance worsens the problem of poverty and immigration alike. In the major cities, a majority of the Raza community are illegal immigrants that live in areas affected by poverty. People who suffer from poverty should be allowed to work in promising places such as the United States. But since not everybody is allowed into United States, some have to enter illegally and live without status. The hardworking, non-criminal immigrants should be given amnesty because so they get themselves out from poverty and contribute to the U.S.'s growing economy. A majority of the Raza people live as undocumented immigrations in the impoverished areas of the city. These areas are affected by violence that are caused by gang members. A lot of the victims of gang violence include Raza people themselves. Many of them are illegal, and they cannot report crimes in fears of deportation. Many local politicians recognize the need to reduce crime in the cities. Many cities become "sanctuary cities". These cities allowed undocumented immigrants to report crime without being asked for immigration status without criminal cause (Carpenter, 2007). The U.S. government ignores the ongoing problems of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a huge issue for Raza communities because the federal government
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raza paper combined - The Raza communities in the United...

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