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Famous Faces in Psychology Notes 1

Famous Faces in Psychology Notes 1 - Famous Faces in...

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Famous Faces in Psychology : The Greeks : Socrates: love of wisdom and truth (epistemology) Plato: memory, perception, lack of intellectual functioning Aristotle: dreams, thought, causation, para psyche (deanima, latin) Heavens: Copernicus: earth turns once daily, yearly cycle around the sun Kepler: elliptical Galileo: advanced copernican theory, inherent, lawful, predictable, and quantifiable, natural forces that exist independently. Fought the church. Empiricism : Francis Bacon: emphasize the methodological unity of the science inductive method, communication of scientific results, inspirational observation. John Locke: empiricism as a way of knowing, and observing Rationalism: Rene Descarte: Father of modern Philosophy. Helped elaborate early Scientific methodology, provided hypothesis about relationships between Behavior and physiology, deductive method. Measurement: Sir Francis Galton : contributes to the theory and practice of measurement.
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