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H,H, & E - Exam II - H,H, & E Class Notes Exam II...

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Class Notes Exam II 2.18.2008 1. Political economy of health (PE of H) 2. Poli-eco contexts produce disease 3. Market driven healthcare Key terms Benatar Health disparity (aka health inequality) – gaps in the quality of health and health care across racial, ethnic and social economic groups; PE of H Rwanda Apartheid Capitalist penetration (how does it happen) World Bank Universal Declaration of Human Rights On the Individual level: focus on the experience of illness and social network On micro level we looked at the Dr./patient level; Healer/patient On the macro level : we looked at Biomedicine and everything else; both create a med. Plural society *Now we will be looking at the corporate/state level which are now involved in the capitalist system The PE of H – anthropologist use it to analyze health disparities; it’s a macro level perspective for analyzing disease distribution and health care services in different political-economic environments; Factors that contribute to poor health: Colonialism Apartheid Capitalist penetration These 2 processes produces poor health; Example of colonialism would be the case of Rwanda: colonialism – Belgium had control They decided that the Tutsi were going to be the elite class b/c they looked more like them; they had different educational systems, eradicated the chief system, they were poor,; Hutu came back and began murdering the Tutsi and vice versa; not until the 1960s did things come into control when a Hutu became a president; = all this leads to bad health Example of Apartheid: System of racial discrimination in South Africa from 1948 – 1994; they were colonized by the British When they became independent there was still a small group of white ppl living there and they took over and kept an apartheid Ex of Capitalist penetration
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H,H, & E - Exam II - H,H, & E Class Notes Exam II...

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