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H,H, & E - Exam III notes

H,H, & E - Exam III notes - H,H E Exam III Notes...

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H,H, & E Exam III Notes 3.24.2008 ************************************************************************************* 3.26.2008 New Extra Credit: worth 10 points; article in NY Times: come by office to pick up , 2pg essay on questions; due April 9 th (exam day)wanting baby like themselves; choosing birth defects; Last time: Bioethics: ethical principles involved in all biological sciences and healthcare settings Today: 1. Amniocentesis/social location & refusing the test 2. New Reproductive Technology: what does it mean for people 3. Debates about bioethic/amnio Key Terms: Rayna Rapp Amniocentesis : test b/w 16 th -20 th week of pregnancy to test for abnormality; can only study the structure of the chromosomes NRTs – medical techniques that shape way pregnancy is obtained (in vitro, seregutate mothers) and carry out Eugenics Article: concerned with why women refuse amniocentesis Factors to refuse test: religion, (autonomy issue) economic (equal access a priority?), scientific miscommunication (risk for miscarriage: .05%) (informed consent) partner (autonomy issue) ethnicity/nationality previous reproductive history What does the test actually tell: Genetic abnormality (can’t test for all genetic abnormality and can’t test for range/severity of disease) Can’t test for alcohol/drug use factor of mother NRTs Ethical issues by amniocentesis: issue of eugenics (attempt to improve the genetic qualities of human race); does this increase likelihood that ppl w/ disabilities are discriminated ************************************************************************************* 3.28.2008 Watched film on genetic testing ************************************************************************************* 3.31.2008 *************************************************************************************
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4.2.2008 ************************************************************************************* 4.4.2008 Female Genital Cutting Key terms: Obermayer Female Genital Cutting (FGC) Literal circumcision Sunna Clitridectomy Infibulation Bundu
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  • Spring '08
  • Female genital cutting, new reproductive technology, ppl w/ disabilities, ethical imperialism, w/ terminology Bundu, Obermayer Female Genital

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H,H, & E - Exam III notes - H,H E Exam III Notes...

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