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Personality Psych - Personality: ones characteristic...

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Freud: - physical problems with no apparent cause - Unconscious motives, conflicts - Methods o free association o dream analysis o slips of the tongue 3 Levels of Consciousness: - Conscious Mind -Smallest Part - Preconscious Mind - Just below the surface o Can retrieve from memory and bring into consciousness - Unconscious Mind o Mostly urges, impulses, thoughts, memories that we repress- possibly too painful to acknowledge Three Parts of the Mind - personality arises between aggressive, pleasure seeking biological impulses and our social constraints against them. - personality results from our efforts to resolve this basic conflict. - Three interacting system: o Id o Ego o Superego Id: - most primitive part of the mind. - Strives to satisfy basic biological urges o sexual, aggressive, drive to survive, hunger - Operates to the Pleasure Principle o Seek pleasure (immediate gratification) and avoid pain - Completely Unconscious o No direct contact w/ reality Superego: - internalized rules of parents and society - opposes the Id by imposing restrictions and strives to attain goal of ideal perfection - Two Parts Conscience: cause by parental punishment Ego Ideal: rewards set up standards of perfect conduct - Constraints behavior based on morality
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Personality Psych - Personality: ones characteristic...

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