Chief Red Cloud on Indian Rights

Chief Red Cloud on Indian Rights - Chief Red Cloud on...

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Chief Red Cloud on Indian Rights Red Cloud, chief of the largest tribe of the Teton Sioux Nation, achieved early fame as a warrior and yet was one of the most influential Indian leaders to urge peace with the U.S. government. In 1870 Red Cloud visited the East, at which time be gave the following speech at a reception in his honor at Cooper Union in New York on July 16. Though a persistent critic of the government and of its Indian agents, whom be charged with graft and corruption, Red Cloud only opposed agitation for further wars that, he knew, would only result in losses for his people. MY BRETHREN AND MY FRIENDS who are here before me this day, God Almighty has made us all, and He is here to bless what I have to say to you today. The Good Spirit made us both. He gave you lands and He gave us lands; He gave us these lands; you came in here, and we respected you as brothers. God Almighty made you but made you all white and clothed you; when He made us He made us with red skins and poor; now you have come. When you first came we were very many, and you were few; now you are many, and we are getting very few, and we are poor. You do not know who appears before you today to speak. I am a representative of the original American race, the first people of this continent. We are good and not bad. The reports that you hear concerning us are all on one side. We are always well-disposed to them. You are here told that we are traders and thieves, and it is not so. We have given you nearly all our lands, and if we had any more land to give we would be very glad to give it. We have nothing more. We are driven into
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Chief Red Cloud on Indian Rights - Chief Red Cloud on...

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