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HUM 152-04 CULTURES OF AMERICA MIDTERM EXAMINATION DUE FEBRUARY 28, 2008 Answer ALL of the following terms and identify completely, clearly, and concisely. Use complete sentences, proper punctuation, and grammar. A successful answer will not only identify the term but also incorporate an example (or significance) and how the example (or significance) best compliments the identification. If the term is a concept, you must give an example of how the term is illustrated in a work discussed in class; if the term is from a work discussed in class, you must identify the work, the author, and explain how the term illustrates a cultural concept based on class discussion, and NOT A WIKIPEDIA ENTRY. 5 points each. Red Cloud Roland Summers Rip Van Winkle Chingachgook Cultural Myth “sweaters” of Jewtown Collective Construction Jim Crow Othering assimilation Choose ONE (1) of the following and answer in an essay of at least FOUR (4) typed pages. A successful answer will be clear and thoughtful, drawing upon numerous
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