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Ch. 12 Questions Question 1 The president's constitutional roles, such as chief executive and commander-in-chief, A) are based on very precise and unchangeable constitutional grants of power. B) are rooted in tradition only; they are not included in the Constitution. C) are not shared with Congress. D) have been extended in practice to be more powerful than the writers of the Constitution intended. E) are shared with the Supreme Court justices. Question 2 Which of the following reforms was achieved by Andrew Jackson? A) abolition of the Electoral College B) elimination of the caucus process for nominating candidates C) use of the national political party nominating convention D) use of primary elections to nominate candidates E) Jackson achieved all of these reforms. Question 3 The president's role as domestic policy leader became increasingly important after the 19th century because of A) the nation's shift from an agrarian to an industrial society, which placed substantial new demands on government. B) changes in mass communications. C) a shift in Congress toward local concerns rather than national ones. D) women and minorities demanding policies that supported their interests. E) the universal switch to primary election systems. Question 4
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Ch. 12 Questions - Ch. 12 Questions Question 1 The...

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