Chapter 5 Questions - Chapter 5 Questions Question 1 When a...

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Chapter 5 Questions Question 1 When a law discriminates along racial lines and thus becomes a suspect classification, its constitutionality is subject to the Supreme Court's A) strict-scrutiny test. B) reasonable-basis test. C) intermediate test. D) three-pronged test. E) right of privacy test. Question 2 Disadvantaged Americans have gained their rights A) through the enlightened policies of advantaged Americans. B) through judicial action only. C) through struggle against entrenched interests. D) mainly through action by states rather than the federal government. E) mainly through the passage of the ADA. Question 3 "Redlining" refers to A) discrimination by banks in the granting of mortgages and loans. B) the refusal by hotels to supply service to African Americans. C) restrictive clauses prohibiting the resale of property to "undesirable" groups. D) overt discrimination by landlords in their advertisements. E) parking in no-parking zones in front of government buildings. Question 4 Regarding the rights and status of women: 1) the Equal Rights Amendment became the 27th Amendment when it was ratified in 1982; 2) the women's rights movement began in the World War I era and ended with passage of the 19th Amendment; 3) women have made clear gains in the areas of appointive and elective offices; 4) on the average, full- time female employees earn only about three-fourths as much as full-time male employees. A)
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Chapter 5 Questions - Chapter 5 Questions Question 1 When a...

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