Chapter 15 Questions - Chapter 15 Questions Question 1...

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Chapter 15 Questions Question 1 Trust-busting is an example of regulation to promote A) efficiency. B) laissez-faire capitalism. C) collectivism. D) equity. E) self-government. Question 2 T7he era of "New Social Regulation," which addressed issues such as the environment and worker safety, differed from the previous two eras of regulatory reform in that A) the Republican party took the lead in placing additional regulations on business. B) aim was to regulate activities of firms of many types, not just those in a particular industry. C) regulatory agencies were established in a way that prevented the president from having a role in their operations. D) the guiding principle was self-regulation; business was given wide leeway in deciding how it would comply with new requirements. E) only the EPA and OSHA were created. Question 3 Government support for agriculture in the form of price supports and income subsidies A) increases farm production in order to meet the nation's food needs. B) has been largely phased out by a 1996 law. C) promotes farm conservation in order to preserve the productive capacity of U.S. agriculture. D) encourages rural development. E) were completely eliminated by the 2002 Farm Bill. Question 4 Keynesian economics emphasizes which of the following approaches as a means of curtailing economic downturns? A)
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Chapter 15 Questions - Chapter 15 Questions Question 1...

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