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Kelly Cleapor Chapter 1 Practice Exercise 1- The Basics of Word Processing To: Dr. Barbara Holladay From: Kelly Cleapor Subject: The Basics of Word Processing It’s easy to master a word processor once you understand the important fundamentals. We offer some of the most basic concepts below, and hope that the hands-on experience of completing this exercise will help you master the material. Word wrap allows you to type continuously without ever having to be concerned about where the line ends. A soft return is created in the document as the text is continued from one line to the next. It is not until you hit the Enter key at the end of a paragraph that a hard return is entered in the document. The position of the soft returns is changed automatically as you make changes in the text or the document formatting. The location of the hard returns always remains the same, unless you intentionally insert or delete them. As you type, Microsoft® Word is always in one of two modes, insert or overtype. The choice depends on
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