Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia "Schistos": split...

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Schizophrenia “Schistos”: split “Phren”: brain Not Multiple Personalities Refers to a split between cognition, affect and behavior Affects 1% of population Affects males and females equally Onset in adolescence Behavioral Symptoms Positive Symptoms : excesses Incoherent, disorganized speech 1) Loose associations: Neologisms: made up words Preserveration: repetition of words or thoughts Changing: stringing rhyming words together Blocking: abrupt interruption of thought 2) Delusions: bizarre distorted false beliefs delusions of grandeur: claim to be god Delusions of persecution: CIA is out to get me Thought Broadcasting: other people are listening to my Thoughts 3) Hallucinations: sensory experience in the absence of sensory stimulation from the environment. Examples: hearing voices in your head. 74% report auditory hallucinations. 4) Inappropriate Emotions: Negative Symptoms: Absence of normal behaviors Ex) flat affect (emotion), low motivation, loss of pleasure or
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Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia "Schistos": split...

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