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Kelly Cleapor Chapter 1 Practice Exercise 2 – The Spelling and Grammar Check Every document should be carefully checked before it is distributed. Spelling and grammatical errors make the author look unprofessional and illiterate and there is nothing worse than allowing a first impression to be won that makes you appear sloppy and disinterested. A document full or of mistakes will do exactly that. A lot of people do not realize how damaging a bad first impression can be, and you do not get another chance to make a first impression. This document has a lot of misspelled words to demonstrate the use of the spelling checker program that comes with Microsoft Word. An automated spell check is an absolute necessity in today's world because most or the students do not no how to spell worth a flip. The spelling checker does not always know the spelling of proper names, such as Robert Grauer, and if you misspell a proper name you are out of luck. The automated grammar check will not detect every error as the previous
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