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Chapter 1 Practice 4 Solution - Kelly Cleapor Chapter 1...

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Kelly Cleapor Chapter 1 Practice Exercise 4- Protecting Your System Protecting My System A Brief Discussion of Back Up and Computer Viruses Kelly Cleapor
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Introduction to Computer Viruses A computer virus is an actively infectious program that attaches itself to various files and has the ability to alter the way your computer works. A computer virus, unlike a human virus, does not occur naturally. Instead, it is deliberately created by an individual who is intent on wrecking havoc. A computer virus can corrupt the program and/or data files on a hard disk and in extreme instances can erase every file on a system. The virus may or may not announce itself. The Stoned virus, for example, continually displays a message that your computer is stoned. Other viruses are silent and affect the computer’s operation. Program execution may slow significantly or cease altogether. Unusual error messages may appear on your screen and/or you may run out of memory or disk space. A virus is transmitted in two ways, from an infected floppy disk or via a file that was downloaded from the Internet. Once a system is infected, the typical virus can copy itself onto every floppy disk that is put into your floppy drive, which in turn can infect other computers if the same disk is used elsewhere. In other words the floppy disk given to you by your well-meaning friend or colleague can transmit the virus to your computer. The Internet is even more of a threat because the typical user is online several
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Chapter 1 Practice 4 Solution - Kelly Cleapor Chapter 1...

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