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Kelly Cleapor Chapter 1 Practice Exercise 6 – Compare and Merge Documents My First Document The common user interface is one of the most significant very best benefits of the Windows environment. It means that if you already know one Windows application, even one as simple as the Paint accessory, it will be that much easier for you to learn Microsoft Word, because all applications work basically the same way. In similar fashion, it will take you less time to master Microsoft Excel once you know Word, because both of the applications share a common menu structure with consistent ways to select choose commands from those menus. Success, I can save and retrieve a document! . This is my the first document I created and it illustrates simple formatting. I select the text, and then I execute the appropriate command from the Formatting Toolbar. I can use
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Unformatted text preview: bold , italic , and bold italics . I can change the color and font , or make it smaller and smaller . Yellow highlighting is my favorite. This paragraph is right aligned. Kelly Cleapor Your Name Goes Here Student ID - 12345 The Compare and Merge Documents command lets you compare two documents to one another in order to see the differences between those documents. It is very useful if you have lost track of different versions of a document and/or if you are working with others. You can also use the command to see how well you did the hands-on exercises. The command highlights the differences in the documents and then it gives you the option to accept or reject changes. If you did the hands-on exercises perfectly, the only change you will see will be in your name. Kelly Cleapor...
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