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Biology Collaborative Assignment - • Study genomics to...

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Collaborative Assignment Jordan Stanton 1. Drug resistance is a condition in which disease-causing microorganisms or the human body develop an ability to tolerate drugs, which were once effective against the disease or disease-causing organisms. Some examples of drug resistant microorganisms are bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. 2. The main factor that induces drug resistance is genetic changes in microorganisms that make them less susceptible to treatment. Genetic changes occur in a number of ways, such as spontaneous mutations in a virus, or transfers of genetic material between bacteria. 3. Five commercial and medical solutions to reduce or eliminate the situation concerning drug resistance in microorganisms are: Creating more effective drugs Developing new techniques to administer the drugs properly so they are more effective Eliminate the use of drugs Use vaccines more regularly to limit diseases and the need for drugs
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Unformatted text preview: • Study genomics to find new therapies that can lead to less resistance Bonus: With a majority of the drug resistance problem based on genes, the study of the genome has been used as of late. The DNA in a number of the drug-resistant microorganisms has been decoded to reveal the sequence of information that predicts the nature of the organism, which includes gene sequences responsible for drug resistance. Science can discover new ways to neutralize the resistance with this information. Works Cited • S TRATEGIES TO R EDUCE A NTIBIOTIC R ESISTANCE , P HARMACEUTICAL R EPRESENTATIVE . M ARCH 2000 • A NTIBIOTIC R ESISTANCE AND J UDICIOUS A NTIBIOTIC U SE , T HE M EDICAL R EPORTER , K ENNETH G ERSHMAN . F EBRUARY 1997 MEDICALREPORTER . HEALTH . ORG / TMR 0297/ ANTIBIOTIC 0297. HTML...
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Biology Collaborative Assignment - • Study genomics to...

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