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Philosophy Event Paper - Event Paper Attended the play...

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Event Paper Attended the play Oklahoma on April 10th Jordan Stanton After watching the play Oklahoma I noticed many actions that coincided and disregarded the theories and teachings of the philosopher Plato. Oklahoma centers around the internal love conflict between Curly and Laurey; the fact that they both were too stubborn to admit their love leads to a series of conflicts between the numerous characters involved and ultimately sparks intense philosophical discussions based on Plato’s theory on justice. Whether Curly and Laurey were too scared or embarrassed to admit their affection for one another they caused a lot of unnecessary drama that was frowned upon. Since they did not act in accordance with the three parts of the soul, appetite, spirit and reason they affected society and acted unjustly because of there inability to admit they love each other. Ultimately, because they were afraid of coming out with the truth they caused other people to get involved in the situation which was nothing more than a negative impact that caused a lot of controversy. In Plato’s Republic, on Page 27, Plato states that a just person acts clever and good, while and unjust one acts ignorant and bad. Relating to the play, both Curly and Laurey would be
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Philosophy Event Paper - Event Paper Attended the play...

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