Philosophy Second Extrapolation Paper

Philosophy Second Extrapolation Paper - Second...

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Second Extrapolation Paper Jordan Stanton The Stoics theory of philosophy revolved around the central theme of living in accordance with nature, which means the rational order of the universe, is good. Stoic thinkers showed a very distinct differential between the concept of impulse/feeling and emotion. Epictetus possessed a strong dependence on determinism and not hiding from the truth. In Epictetus’s mind everything revolved around fatalism and preordination. When Epictetus says that emotion should be eliminated so one can live in accordance with nature he means that emotions are false judgments and an individual should act in accordance to impulse or feeling because everything is predetermined and you can’t hide from doing something that you need to do to survive. However, Epictetus believes that once a decision has been made you should not dwell on it because it was up to you and was apart of our individual judgment (Page 13). If Epictetus were to counsel Marion Jones before she took the performance enhancing
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Philosophy Second Extrapolation Paper - Second...

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