COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW 1 - 1) The assignment of...

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2) The level at which behavior is under immediate stimulus control, such as in the case of a moth flying toward a light source is: Taxis 3) The endocrine system provides crucial chemicals that regulate biological growth and development 4) An Adenine can only bond with a Thymine 1. Which behavior level is under direct stimulus control Taxis. 2. Species produce more organisms than can survive. What category does this fall under? Natural Selection `hy 3. What term isn’t related to evolution? Ethologists 4. If a trait is unfavorable in a species then that trait will Disappear over time 1) Which concept below is fundamental to the study of comparative psychology? All of the above 2) Which theory below combines Darwin's idea of natural selection and Gergor Mendel's idea of genetics? Modern Synthesis 3) As organism becomes more advanced, which of the following is true about the vertebrate brain? Larger in size and functions of each swelling remain the same 4) Which of the following does NOT affect behavioral development of an organism? All of the above affect behavioral development 1- Homeostasis is defined as: The ability of warm-blooded animals to regulate their internal temperature 2- Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection refers to: Traits are passed on from one generation to the next 3- A neutral impulse is: An electrochemical discharge 4- What is one of the two important roles that hormones serve? Organize tissue growth.
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COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW 1 - 1) The assignment of...

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