Essay1 - A Simple Man, A Simple Name-Extraordinary Memories...

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-1A Simple Man, A Simple Name--Extraordinary Memories Typically, the responsibility for raising a child and providing the opportunity for a successful future rests on the parents of that particular child. Fortunately, I not only had parents that were more than willing to accept this responsibility, but grandparents who played a substantial role in my development. My grandfather, whom I still affectionately refer to as “Pop,” is a major part of many of my earliest memories. From teaching to entertaining, there was nothing this man did not do for me in my earlier years. I always knew he was one of the main reasons that I was prepared to start kindergarten at an age earlier than most, but more recently I have discovered that he is the reason I have been prepared for so many other crucial experiences in my life to this point. I never attended a daycare facility or needed a babysitter. While my parents worked during the day, I spent that time at my grandparents’ house. With fifteen cousins, there were always plenty of activities and people to occupy my time, but the time spent with our grandfather each day were the moments that each of us secretly treasured the most. He told us stories that I remember better now than some of the most notorious nursery rhymes. Whether it was telling us a story, singing us a song in his self- proclaimed “brilliant” singing voice, or just his constant reminder to us that he was “the biggest, baddest bear in the woods”, he always knew how to entertain us and put a smile on our face at anytime. I still remember clearly the summer days when I was at the age where I still needed a daily nap to make it through the day. He would gather all the grandchildren in the little house behind theirs -which was typically rented out but remained vacant for a few summers- and tell us stories or use that aforementioned singing voice to “serenade” us to sleep. There is no doubt that he is one of the most caring
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Essay1 - A Simple Man, A Simple Name-Extraordinary Memories...

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