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-1 Home on the Hardwood What exactly is a home? By definition it can be a place of residence, a place most frequented by an animal or a place of refuge. For me, my house in the small town of Macedon, New York falls into all of those categories, yet there is a less obvious place that I consider my second home. As with my house, I can go to this home at anytime on any day of the week for any reason at all and I would be more than welcome. Unlike my house, however, this home can be found anywhere in the world and does not have a set appearance. All this place needs to qualify as a home is a circular piece of metal with an 18-inch diameter placed ten feet above the ground. Connect that piece of metal to a square constructed of Plexiglas, plastic, or wood and it is even better—but not always necessary I suppose. As with a house or typical residence, this home too has a key, but it comes in the form of a leather ball with a 29.5-inch circumference. My second home is a basketball court. This is obviously by no means a place of residence, but certainly a place in which I find a great amount of refuge. Not to be misunderstood, my house is a happy one and serves as a home to my family—the greatest people in my life whom I love very much. However, although they may have been rare, there were still times that I fought with my brother or parents, laid in bed at night thinking about a problem from earlier in the night or even just sat around the house bored on a rainy day. Whether it be playing in my driveway, at the local community center or lacing up my Nike Shox in the locker room right before game time, this sport has always been a way for me to clear my mind, even if just for a couple of hours. A bad day always seemed to turn around if I had the opportunity to shoot around for awhile, and a good day became a great one if I found the time to make it to a
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court somewhere. There are many clichés surrounding the concept of a home, including “Home is where the heart is” and “Home is where you make it.” My heart certainly belongs with my family and in the house I spent my entire childhood, but through the years in one way or another, hardwoods in the gym have been transformed into a home. I can’t say whether it was I that made them my home, or if they made themselves into another home for me just through the experiences and memories formed from playing the game so long. The cherished memories that have led me to adopt such a unique place as a second home are not necessarily the ones that most people would expect. As a young child I was part of a team that, to this day, remains the only team in the history of that league to play an entire season without losing a game. As I matured, I eventually reached high school and became a member of the varsity basketball team. In my first year on the team, I was able to experience something that every high school player dreams of and have a title envied by them all—a State Champion. In an improbable run, our tiny school accomplished upset after upset en route to the school’s
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Essay2 - Home on the Hardwood What exactly is a home By...

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