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oceanography assignment 02 - Ariel Parker Dr. Churnet...

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Ariel Parker Dr. Churnet Oceanography/Paper #2 March 6, 2008 Oceanographic Devices and Fridtjof Nansen Introduction Out of many devices used in oceanographic studies, there are five that are most common. The first is Sonar. “Sonar provides a much easier way to measure the ocean depths accurately” (Sverdrup, 2006). It also allows scientists to use sound waves to measure the distance from the ocean surface to the seafloor. Sonar measures distances based on how much time it takes for a sound signal to reflect back to the source. Modern sonar also measures the strength of the returned signal. This indicates what type of material reflected the signal. “For example, mud will absorb much of the sound signal, providing a weak echo, while rock reflects most of the sound, providing a strong echo” (Scientific American, 2003). The second is the Loran, also
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known as the Long Range Navigation is a terrestrial radio navigation system using low frequency radio transmitters that use the time interval between radio signals received from three or more stations to determine the position of a ship. The third is Satellite remote sensing. It has revolutionized modern oceanography, providing frequent synoptic-scale information that can be used to
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oceanography assignment 02 - Ariel Parker Dr. Churnet...

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