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final philosphy paper - Mike Marcinek Philosophy Final...

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Mike Marcinek Philosophy Final Paper The Coexistence of Necessary and Free Actions Within every person in the world is the idea that one’s actions are done because they are necessary given that human actions have regularity about them. Without these necessary actions, human society could not exist because there would be no predictability of behavior. Everyone also consciously and subconsciously understands that they have free will and can choose to do or not do whatever we please. These two ideas, at first, would seem to contradict each other in that it does not make sense that an action has to happen and may not happen due to choice. This must be proved false, however, because everyone contains the understanding that actions are both necessary and done at liberty because but simply cannot see exactly how the ideas connect and work together. Before that connection can be made, one must understand the ideas of actions being necessary or done at liberty. The first idea of necessity is put forth by Hume when he explains the predictable and perfectly necessary nature of nature itself. If the motions of the world around us were random, then our actions could certainly not be necessary. Hume states that ,”The degree and direction of every motion is, by the laws of nature, prescribed with such exactness, that a living creature may as soon arise from the shock of two bodies, as motion, in any other degree or direction than what is actually produced by it.” (8.4) The laws of nature itself must be predictable and necessary for the actions of man to be the same.
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All humans share the idea of uniformity. This is why we can comfortably say that
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final philosphy paper - Mike Marcinek Philosophy Final...

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