Unit2 - Stansbury 1 Ms. Cosey English 104 29 September 2005...

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Stansbury 1 Ms. Cosey English 104 29 September 2005 Teaching the Origins of Life The infamous Scopes monkey trial took place in 1925 and now eighty years later the American people are still debating what exactly should be taught in our science classrooms. Only now, instead of debating evolution versus creationism the debate has shifted to evolution, intelligent design, or both. Each theory leaves something to be desired, and there is no way to substantiate a claim that one is ultimately correct. Therefore it seems that a logical solution would be to introduce both theories into a science curriculum. Keeping an open mind is crucial to any successful learning experience and students should be allowed to decide which theory they choose to believe. The term “Evolution” has come to indicate the processes that have altered life on Earth from its earliest forms to the vast diversity that distinguishes it today. Darwin’s evolutionary theory, as it relates to biology, is any change in an attribute of a species’ population over a period of time (Solbrig 15). This is more commonly referred to as descent with modification. Darwin’s argument states that from the very beginning, life on earth has slowly undertaken a process of evolving from its original state. He argued that these evolutions were not so much random as they were adaptations to the surrounding environment. According to Darwin’s theory, if we were to trace our ancestors back far enough in time, we might find that all living species on
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Stansbury 2 earth evolved from a single species, most likely a bacterium. Darwin published his theory in a book called Origin of Species (Solbrig 1 ). One of the reasons that some people support an evolutionary theory is that they prefer a more scientific approach. Creationism and Intelligent Design are often viewed as being “dreamy” and “surreal,” (Jackson). For these people, scientific evidence is the most important factor in their decision about how it all started. Today, even our scientists are still arguing about the exact details of evolution, but they have the history of living things well documented through multiple generations. Scientists have compiled fossil records which provide us with a look at the past. When these fossil records are all assembled they show us a panorama of evolutionary change over the
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Unit2 - Stansbury 1 Ms. Cosey English 104 29 September 2005...

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