unit3 - Stansbury 1 Ms. Cosey English 104 25 October 2005...

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Stansbury 1 Ms. Cosey English 104 25 October 2005 Tolerance and Acceptance I recently became aware of the fact that my only son Alex has a same-sex life partner. While this news was quite a shock, I firmly believe that United States government should only regulate the private lives of individuals to a certain extent. If someone is obstructing justice to the point that it is harming another individual, or if they are imposing on the rights of another, the government should intervene. It should not, however, be left up to the government to determine whether or not two people should be allowed to get married, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or ethnicity. In my opinion, it is a discrimination against homosexuals to deny them the right to marriage and any law that confines marriage to a union between a man and a woman should be deemed unconstitutional. I feel that unions between homosexuals should be recognized in the same way that marriages amongst heterosexuals are recognized, and they should be given the very same rights and responsibilities that any other married individual possesses. Having said that, I firmly believe that since Ray is my son Alex’s life partner he should be given the same hospital visitation rights as anyone else in Ray’s family. My son chose to make this man an important part of his life for the last decade and I will respect my son’s choice. Ray is a member of this family because he is my son’s life partner and I will recognize him as such. The hospital would not prevent a wife from visiting her husband, so they have no right to tell a husband that he cannot visit his life partner. This would not be an
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Stansbury 2 issue if the government would recognize a man’s right to be able to give the title of husband to another man if they choose to make that commitment in their lives. My son Alex is in critical condition in the hospital so he is no longer able to work to pay the mortgage on the condo that he and Ray share. Alex is thirty-five years old, a legal adult; I have not been responsible for his living accommodations since he was in college. I do not believe that I am responsible for making the mortgage payments with my own money, on the condo that he shares with Ray. Ray is an adult, with a paying job. If he chooses to continue living in their condo he will need to start making the appropriate payments. If he cannot afford to live in the condo then he should look for cheaper living arrangement. Since
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unit3 - Stansbury 1 Ms. Cosey English 104 25 October 2005...

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