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The Brilliance of Balzac Fine romance novels always feature heavy themes, poetic language, and venerable characters. These novels can thus entice, provoke, and change the outlooks of the people who read them. The novel Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is about the power of romantic literature to change guarded teenagers into liberal free thinkers. In the novel, two characters experiencing re-education indefinitely in a peasant village are introduced to forbidden western novels by a friend. They end up stealing the literature for their own enjoyment, and for the Little Seamstress’, the local tailor’s daughter. Through the course of reading these novels, their period of re-education became one of a different kind than what is accepted. The books affect the characters by giving them a sense of shelter, free- thinking, and awareness of opportunities. Luo and the Narrator receive protection from the stories. The two of them have been unlucky in the large re-education experiment. They are sent to Phoenix Mountain possibly forever, due to the bourgeois views of their parents, who are class enemies. When the two of them fully comprehend their dire situation, their reactions are not pleasant. “Outside, it was raining. . . No doubt this exacerbated Luo’s gloom: it felt as if we were doomed to spend our entire lives being re-educated.” (Sijie 17) The two young men are required to do such mortifying chores as working in a coal mine and lifting waste across large trails. A feeling of shelter becomes extremely valuable when one is taking part in dangerous and repulsive tasks. Thus, the books become gateways into the worlds
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balzacessay[2][1] - The Brilliance of Balzac Fine romance...

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