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There is consistent talk from politicians and think-tanks about the importance of alternative energy sources and the need to make them more widespread in the future. Indeed, solar, wind, and biomass energy is clean (much cleaner than burning coal or wood), and it may be the only source of energy in the future. However, these types of energy are expensive. So expensive, in fact, that they are projected to only generate 2.8% of total US electricity by 2020. In my opinion, this alternative energy is not going to be popular enough in a time when it needs to be. But there is a kind of alternative energy that avoids its colleagues’ shortcomings and is the most widely-believed to be a viable source of carbon gas in the future: nuclear power. Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, a radioactive metal mined in various parts of the world. Nuclear power currently produces around 11% of the world’s energy needs and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel without the pollution caused from burning fossil fuels. According to a study done by MIT and Harvard, fossil-fuel based electricity is
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