Week 6 Notes

Week 6 Notes - Tone Reproduction 8:02:00 AM Tone...

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Tone Reproduction 14/04/2008 07:02:00 Tone Reproduction Study of factors that influence reproduction of tones Allows photographer to control the process of recording and printing images  to achieve the desired results Objective Tone Reproduction Measure the light reflected from a subject (luminance readings with handheld  meter) Measure the light reflected or reproduced Plot  o Subjective Tone Reproduction Perception of lightness of subject corresponds roughly to luminance But… How do you measure the perception of lightness? You can’t. Why? Psychological and physiological factor Factors o Light adaptation of light o Photos appear lighter when viewed against dark background, vice  versa o Contrast appears lower when viewed on dark surround o
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Light and Eye Adaptation Depend of viewing lighting conditions Reflection prints viewed under illumination levels ranging from 100 to 5,000 
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Week 6 Notes - Tone Reproduction 8:02:00 AM Tone...

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