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Philosophy Paper #3

Philosophy Paper #3 - Laura Houd Mack Eason Assignment#3 In...

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Laura Houd Mack Eason Assignment #3 In the comparison of the envelope and the bug, there are two questionable situations. One, people get letters everyday asking to help a child somewhere in the country who is suffering from poverty, a disease or some sort of life destroying case. As Americans, we usually don’t think about it and don’t want to spend money, so we throw the letter away. On the other hand, if you saw an injured woman on the side of the road, any American would say it is wrong to leave her there because you don’t want to spend money on your leather seats due to the damage caused by her bleeding. These two cases are equal to each other because both the child and the woman are suffering and are able to be cared for. The person who either sees the injured woman or gets the letter in mail has a moral obligation to help them. In a general sense, it is a moral obligation for everyone to help all who are in need as long as their personal needs and the needs of their families are fulfilled.
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