Gadamer - Lizzie Murdter PHL223 Do I Finally Grok This?...

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Lizzie Murdter PHL223 Do I Finally Grok This? Gadamer utilizes certain questions to begin to hermeneutically understand Plato, these questions came to him while he was reading Plato, but he can never fully understand, have true knowledge, until he answers these questions. This allows him access to die Sache of Plato’s dialogues. However, in order to attain pure knowledge, one has to hypothesize eide through logoi , which is ultimately the process of dialectic. The first question which Gadamer raises is “just what is dialectic in plato?” Gadamer speaks about how it is generally accepted as beginning by the form of questioning and conversing that Socrates was known for. Out of that came Platos theory of concept formation, the procedure of hypothesis and dihairesis . According to Gadamer, dialetic is the skill of developing the consequences of opposed assumptions even while one is still ignorant of the Sache (Gadamer, 94). Gadamer believes that dialectic is the process of hypothesizing eide through logoi, eide being the immutable esscence of something and logoi being logical reasoning. Gadamer then asks the question Why does the possibility of compelling someone to understand in the way mathematics can, for example, not exist for philosophy? The answer to this is the process in which true
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understanding is reached. That is through dialogue and dialectic, “which requires
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Gadamer - Lizzie Murdter PHL223 Do I Finally Grok This?...

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