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International Relations Study Guide 1. What are the three leading paradigms of international relations theory? How do they differ from one another? Liberalism -application of reason and universal ethics to international relations can lead to a more orderly, just, cooperative world, and that international anarchy and war can be policed by institutional reforms that empower organization and law. At the core of liberalism is an emphasis on the impact ideas have on behavior, the equality, dignity, and liberty of the individual, and the need to protect people from excessive state regulation. People should be treated as ends rather than means. Emphasizes ethical principles over the pursuit of power and institutions over capabilities as forces shaping interstate relations, defines politics as a struggle for concensus rather than a struggle for power. Idealism -the post WWI movement inspired by the liberal theoretical tradition which maintained that the pursuit of ideals like peace could change the world by reducing the disorder often exhibited in world politics. Drew from the philosophies of people such as Kant, Rousseau and John Locke. Believed in three main causes of war and peace. 1. human nature and individuals 2. characteristics of the states and their general institutions 3. the attributes of a global system Believed human nature includes a good or altruistic drive that makes people capable of compassion and collaboration through reason and ethically inspired education. The fundamental concern for others welfare makes progress possible.
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International Relations Study Guide - International...

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