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History_202_Exam_1_Study_Guide - Tenochtitlan The huge...

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Tenochtitlan - The huge Aztec capital city destroyed by Cortez in 1519. Hernan Cortez sailed from Cuba to Mexico and invaded after finding hordes of gold and valuables. The Spaniards destroyed Aztec monuments and religious objects, replacing them with images of the Virgin Mary. Cortez had to vital allies in his fight to destroy the Aztecs, a non Aztec group called the Tlaxcalans and smallpox. Cortez, 400 spaniards and thousands of Tlazcalan warriors destroyed the Aztec Empire in just a few short months. Tenochtitlan was a metropolis of around 200,000 – making it much larger than anything in Europe at the time. Sir Walter Ralegh – An Elizabethan courtier who, in the 1580’s tried but failed to establish and English colony on Roanoke Island in what is now North Carolina. Ralegh attempted two separate times after obtaining his own charter from the queen of England. The first expedition sent a large number of settlers to Roanoke but they planted to no crops and strained all trade relations with native Americans.
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