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1) Major events of 1916 include The battle of the Somme, The battle of Verdun, Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare, Brusilov offensive on eastern front, Italy declares war on Germany, Von Hindenburg comes to power in Germany, the central powers create a unified command headed by Germany, A.H. emperor Franz Joseph dies and is replaced by Charles 1 and Rasputin is assassinated by members of the Russian royal family and high ranking political consultants/figures. A very volatile year, the two most important and widely known battles of the war took place in this year sending the overall death toll of
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Unformatted text preview: the war skyrocketing upwards. 2) 1917 saw two important developments that changed the course of the war dramatically. The United States enter the war and the battle of Passchendaele aka Third Battle of Ypres (which eventually ends in a stalemate). Russia’s Czar Nikolas also abdicates his thrown, effectively ending the constitutional monarchy and ushering in a new era of som and the formation of the communist territories known as the USSR. This brought the functionality and effectiveness of the Russian Army to an almost stagnant position....
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