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Name: Matt Jackson____________________________ Score: ________________ Macromolecules Quiz#2 1-8. Name each macromolecule and list its monomer or monomers. Macromolecule Carbohydrates Nucleic Acid Lipids Proteins Monomer Monosaccharides Nucleotides Fatty Acids Amino Acids ___________Nucleic Acids ______9. DNA, RNA, cDNA, and ADP are examples of which type of macromolecule? __________Protiens_____________ 10. Storage, receptor, structure, contraction, transport, defense, hormones, and molecular tools are functions of which type of macromolecule? ______________Lipids____________ 11. Water retention, lubrication, membrane structure, chemical
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Unformatted text preview: messengers, energy storage, padding, and insulation are different functions of which type of macromolecule? ______________Carbohydrates ______12. Ribose, glyceraldehyde, deoxyribose, lactose, glacose, and fructose are examples of which category? Extra Credit Give one example that is not listed in the above questions of each of the Macromolecules of Life. 1. _______________________ATP ____________________ 2. _Waxes__________________________________________ 3. __________Steroids_________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________...
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