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1 AMERICAN HERITAGE BLUE BOOK MIDTERM EXAM Bro. Rick Fish Based on your readings, please explain 100 points worth of the following questions in essay form with as much detail as possible. Be precise and stay on topic. The more relevant the information you provide, the better your grade will be. The biggest problem students experience is not organizing these essays to evenly answer the question before running out of space. Consequently, they discuss one part of the question in too much detail and barely mention other significant aspects of the question. Students that outline (use one of the extra pages in the blue-book) their essays prior to writing tend to do better. I do not count off for poor spelling or grammar so long as I can read and understand your essays. Each question is worth either 10 or 20 points. I expect you to expend at least one full page (single spaced) on questions worth 20 points, and at least one-half of a full page ( single spaced ) on 10 point questions. You must use a large-format blue-book for this exam (8.5 X 11), and you may need to use front and back pages. Be sure to identify each essay question you answer by writing the number of the question as a heading. The total amount of writing for this exam should be at least five full pages (single spaced). Questions 1-12 are worth 20 points each, so these essays should be at least one full-page single spaced. 1. Explain Plessy v. Ferguson . I expect you to mention important people and dates. Be sure to give me your opinion of the constitutionality (legality) of this case. In other words, do you believe the Supreme Court’s decision in this case was positive or negative for America, then defend your position. 2.
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