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BIOLOGY: A HUMAN APPROACH EXAMINATION II NAME_______________________ 6 November, 2006 INSTRUCTIONS: Use a SOFT-LEAD pencil (#1 or #2) for writing in and mark-sensing your name, CU I.D. number (not your SS#), lecture section number and answers on the exam answer sheet, erasing completely when necessary. For the lecture section, use either 0001 or 0002 in the “1,2,3,4” slot on the top left of the sheet. An answer key and test scores will be posted in the glass cabinet at the foot of the stairway in Ramaley across from room N1B54 (=N.E. corner basement) , hopefully , by Wednesday noon. Be sure to guess any time you don’t know an answer. There are no deliberately tricky questions, so if something doesn’t make sense to you, ask one of the proctors. On the bottom of your answer sheet you may defend your answer to any question you feel is ambiguous, but you must FIRST mark-sense your best guess among the choices. To ensure your not running out of time, complete the entire exam before defending a specific answer. Expect to have the equivalent of one question deducted from your exam score if you are not taking the exam in the proper location! You are not to use any iPods or cell phones during the exam. Your cell phone is to be turned off and if you must wear a hat, turn the bill to the back. There cannot be any ear phones, ear pieces, etc., in or around your ears at any time. Any answers you have put on your answer sheet or exam are to be covered in such a way that no one can see them. STOP – MAKE SURE YOU ARE SITTING IN THE PROPER LECTURE HALL. The 9:30 a.m. TR LECTURE SESSION should be in CHEM 142 = Sec. #0001 The 12:30 p.m. TR LECTURE SESSION should be in CHEM 140 = Sec. #0002 KEEP YOUR ANSWERS AND ANSWER SHEET COVERED AT ALL TIMES. 1. World wide projections are that between now and the year 2100 all of the following will continue decreasing, or peak and then experience a significant decrease. Which is expected to be the last to show a decrease? A) World resources D) Availability of medical services B) Human population E) Industrial output per capita C) Food per capita 2. All of the following factors are, or have been, decreasing here in the US EXCEPT : A) The amount of forested land. B) The extent of the unpolluted underground aquifers. C) The thickness of the agricultural soils. D) The pH of the rainfall in the eastern states. E) The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 3. All of the following can be attributed, in part, to influencing global warming EXCEPT : A) Increase in atmospheric CO 2 B) Increased burning of fossil fuels C) Increase in greenhouse gases D) Increase in mean earth surface temperature E) Increased infrared radiation leaving the earth KEEP YOUR ANSWERS AND ANSWER SHEET COVERED AT ALL TIMES. 1
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