TERMS DEFINITIONS - Unit 16 Francis Xavier-Led the Jesuit...

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Unit 16 Francis Xavier- Led the Jesuit advance through Malacca, China and Japan Jesuits - Dominicans- Franciscans- followed St. Francis Suleiman the Magnificent -The most powerful of the Ottoman rulers. Commanded the empire during its greatest glory and largest territorial expansion. Cheng Ho (Zheng He)- A major chinese voyager, he sailed for the Ming Dynasty and his fleet of ships explored Southeast Asia and even went across the Indian Ocean to the east coast of Africa Ottoman Turks- Muslims and held much of the Balkan Peninsula, Turkey and most of what we now call the Middle East Isabella & Ferdinand- Rulers who consolidated power over all of Spain and finances the voyage of Columbus which resulted in the effective discovery Prince Henry “The Navigator”- Prince of Portugal who led out in expansion by exploring the west coast of Africa Vasco ad Gama- Portuguese explorer who first reached India and began the trading system there Malacca (Malaka)- was the key point of European influence Christopher Columbus- Explorer for Spain who was the first European to cross the mid- Atlantic and thus make the effective discovery of the Western Hemisphere for Europe. Condemned by the “politically correct” for mistreating the Native Americans, he was a deeply religious man who is spoken pf by the Book of Mormon as being an instrument upon whom the Spirit of God wrought to do what he did. Ferdinand Magellan- Spanish explorer who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe and who claimed the Philippines for Spain Caravel- small, light ships that were much faster and more maneuverable than those in previous European usage. Fitted with cannon, they gave the Europeans clear naval superiority over any and all corners from the rest of the world Hernando Cortes- Spanish adventurer who conquered the Aztec Empire Montezuma II- Last ruler of the Aztecs who was defeated by Cortes Quetzalcoatl- Huitzilopochtli- Aztec god of war and god of the sun Francisco Pizarro- Spanish adventurer who conquered the Inca Empire Atahualpa- Last ruler of the Incas. He defeated his brother in a civil war but was intercepted by Pizarro on his way to his coronation in Cuzco and thus had to surrender to Inca Empire to Spain Pope Alexander VI- Corrupt and licentious Pope who issued the Bull which divided the world between the Spanish and Portuguese Treaty of Tordesillas- it ostensibly followed the Bull but changed the line to 370 leagues west of Cape Verde Islands. To treaty was not intended to divide the Western Hemisphere, but rather the world Johann Adam Schall von Bell- German Jesuit who succeeded Ricci, passed the exams with the highest Confucian degree and became the head of the Chinese Imperial Board of Astronomy
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Macao- an enclave where Matteo Ricci studied Chinese (later became a Portuguese city- colony) “Rites Controversy”- when the Pope was asked to rule that becoming Confucian officials, wearing Confucian robes and performing Confucian ceremonies at the Chinese court was unacceptable for Catholic priests—and thus made Bell and others ineligible to
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TERMS DEFINITIONS - Unit 16 Francis Xavier-Led the Jesuit...

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