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Analytical Questions - Analytical Questions Unit 16: Why...

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Analytical Questions Unit 16: Why did the Europeans explore so aggressively? -Spreading Religion, Ferdinand, Inquisition -Wealth. Coming from control of the Trade Routes. Taxed those who wanted to use the trade routes -The human drive to be the first to at something. Rights to have a name claim. -Adventurous/Curiosity -Cultural Ego/Self Pride. They gained pride by exploring and conquering new lands. -They felt they were doing other, smaller countries a favor by absorbing them into the European Crown. It was their (Europe’s) divine right. They (Europe) were a divine race. “The white man’s burden”. -Exploitation of resources. Trading benefits. -Relief for population. Pressure to find new land. Europe was filling up size wise very quickly and was always looking for a new place to fill up with bodies. -When we experience something we like, we seek after it. The Demonstration Effect -China didn’t want anything to from Europe trade wise. Until the Europeans discovered Opium. What followed was horrendous and tragic. The addicting of the Chinese to Opium was a major move by the Europeans. -Competing with Islam with missionary movements. Or anything for that matter. They just wanted to BEAT ISLAM. -Certain key personalities were major reasons for exploration. (Ferdinand, Magellan) -New technology was discovered and implemented. Navigational devices, ship building were some of the biggest advances. (Speed and Mobility proved to be highly effective with sea battles. This was gained from world exploration. And helped the British defeat
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Analytical Questions - Analytical Questions Unit 16: Why...

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