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29 January - Myth of Atlantis VIDEO SEEN IN CLASS: “Lost City of the Aegean” Sciences FFH5012 DISCUSSION TOPICS: The perennial appeal of the Atlantis myth Various “fantastic” theories about the location of Atlantis (including North Dakota!!) Why Thera could not be Atlantis. Why the Thera eruption could not have ended the Minoan civilization. Plato’s inspiration for his“flood legend” and why he engaged in myth-making My bottom line: Atlantis will never be discovered anywhere because it existed only in Plato’s mind when he composed his cautionary tale or political allegory for his Athenian contemporaries around 360 BC.
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Unformatted text preview: TERMS AND NAMES: Spyridon Marinatos Christos Doumas Akrotiri Thera = Santorini destruction of Minoan Thera, 1620s BC caldera Platos dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, - the original source of the myth Solon Helike city destroyed by seismic sea wave off northern Peloponnesian coast in 373 BC scholars have still not found this city that may have slipped into the Corinthian Gulf Atalante island destroyed by seismic sea wave off the coast of Athens in 426 BC Floyd McCoy Pillars of Heracles (Strait of Gibraltar) Dionysius II Platos failed philosopher-king...
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