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Angels in America Essay #2

Angels in America Essay #2 - Joseph Pitt The Silent...

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Joseph Pitt: The Silent Progression What is progress? How do we measure progress? Who has the answers for these questions? Tony Kushner’s Angels in America helps give the reader insight on these questions. Through the use of characters that he creates in his play, Kushner is able to help kindle the curiosity in the reader and helps generate thinking. In the case of Joe Pitt; whether he did or didn’t progress can be debated. Kushner started off the play by placing Joe in a loving relationship with a wife, in which major communication problems existed. Joe then seems to slowly lose everyone and everything by the end of the book, from an outsider’s perspective. Although Joe seems to lose all of his material possessions by the end of the play, Kushner portrays Joe as progressing emotionally through his change in behavior and habits. Discussion about the idea of progress cannot commence until some background information is covered. For instance, we must realize that progress can only occur through change. And what is change? The concept is easy to understand, but explaining turns into a problem. How do we define change simply, without using the word itself its definition? Would we say that change is a state in which a person, product or idea has in some way turned out to be different than originally? And that in turn, would make progress a state in which the second state is better than the original. This raises another question. How and who decides what is better? Joseph Pitt ends up changing in the play. That is a given. He loses his wife and his boyfriend, Luis, but gains confidence as well as becomes much more emotionally open. Does Joe progress? I believe that he does. Harper and Luis were important to his life, but he was never happy because he did not love himself. Although he lost two others, he made progression because Joe found himself.
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Let us dive deeper into the work that is known as Angels in America . Joe is described as a hardworking, average American. He works for a judge in the court, and to the unsuspecting
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Angels in America Essay #2 - Joseph Pitt The Silent...

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