Angels in America Response #1

Angels in America Response #1 - Tony Kushner's Angels in...

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Tony Kushner’s Angels in America is a fascinating play full of well-developed characters and their internal struggles. Kushner’s greatest gift as a writer is his construction of very realistic characters. He is able to give each one of his characters a three-dimensional identity; a personality that brings the character to life. Kushner is able to create unique individuals through not only their dialogue and actions, but also their personality, race, class, sex and other things. A character that particularly intrigues me is Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn has a very interesting identity in this play. Kushner makes him out to be a powerful New York lawyer who has connections and a big reputation. Roy is of a high class and is very dedicated to his job. He works very hard and is good at what he does. He is not religious and describes his faith using the phrase, “I like God and God likes me,” (21). Like others in his profession, he is corrupt and believes that “Politics… [is] the game of being alive,” (74). This belief allows him to justify any immoral actions that he commits. Due to the fact that Roy is an aggressive and confident individual, he is also very
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Angels in America Response #1 - Tony Kushner's Angels in...

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