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writing skills1 - author’s thesis statement The author...

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While analyzing the two sculptural essays “Boy with Hawk” and “David and Moses” I instantly found that “Boy with Hawk” was a much stronger essay. Through out “Boy with Hawk” one can see how the thesis “In Boy with Hawk, Parks uses elements such as the hawk and the dove as well as certain angles and balances in order to demonstrate the adolescent balance between the masculine and feminine gender elements.” is depicted through the symbolic meanings of the boys balance, poise, and positioning along with the comparison of the strong, fierce hawk to the soft, gentle doves. While reading the first essay “Boy with Hawk” the author painted a picture of the sculpture in my head with his in-depth details including the statues placement, size, and environment, also clearly defining the fabrication process which consisted of bronze casting followed by etching known as the subtraction process. Reading through this extremely fluent essay, I noticed analogies and relationships strongly supporting the
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Unformatted text preview: author’s thesis statement. The author also showed a great use of vocabulary from the course book in his text which put great emphasis on many of his details. Most importantly, the writer clearly and concisely defined the elements which supported his thesis statement of adolescent balance. In the thesis of “David and Moses” the writer lacked continuity of thought and missed completely the intentions of the artist Pisano, while creating the subtractive stone works. The writer consistently views the images negatively instead of as intended. In addition, he makes statements of facts without substantiation. This essay was more difficult for me to read which forced me to read and re-read because thing did not make sense, and seemed like he was trying to force in some of the text book terms. Over all, the entire essay “Davis and Moses” was easily recognized as the C paper....
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