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writing skills 2 - and used great use of text terms like...

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By reading the first paragraph of each musical paper, it appeared that the paper “Deaf but Not Forgotten” was superior to “Beethoven Fest II”. The sequential progressions of the evening’s performances were more easily appreciated. The thesis statement of “Deaf but Not Forgotten”, a “Concerto for violin in D major, was a “dreamy, lyrical masterpiece, with a few “Haydensque” musical surprises, gorgeous melodic material with perfect complementation of orchestral sections, and an array of playful variations that provide the listener with a sense of playfulness and festivity” was clear, distinct, and to the point overview providing the reader with a good understanding of the presentation and the interpretation, in comparison to the thesis of “Beethoven Fest II”. As I read beyond the introductory paragraphs, I found both papers more evenly balanced with each having its own strengths and weaknesses. In “Deaf but Not Forgotten” the writer was focused on the music and gave extensive detail of scales and musical notes
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Unformatted text preview: and used great use of text terms like “rondo” and “andante”. He also gave background information and showed how Beethoven was a Hayden protégé. The essay was not perfect though, I thought it lacked explanation of his graphic interaction of music, and had limited reference of use and application of instruments. In the second essay “Beethoven fest II” the writer was focused on the feeling the music generated instead of the music itself. Also there was no reference to notes, had a limited use of terms, and lacked background information. To the contrary, it had excellent depiction of graphic impression of the music and had great detail on the use and contribution of the instruments. While I found the body of the two papers more evenly balanced, I would still maintained my initial position that “Deaf but Not Forgotten” was slightly better than “Beethoven Fest II”....
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writing skills 2 - and used great use of text terms like...

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