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Andrew Peleckis 5 Movie Facts 1. Memory – is affected by the way we concentrate and rehears it and the context in which you learn and recall it, but lastly is affected by motivation. Our memory can hold around one hundred trillion bits of information. 2. Modern Research – modern research began a little over a hundred years ago by a German psychologist named Herman Ebbinghaus who studied the memorization of syllables in a meaningless series. Research changed over the years especially in the 60’s when they introduced the computer. 3. Process of Memory – 1 st input must be encoded then stored and retained for a
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Unformatted text preview: period of time (short term or long term) and finally retrieved on demand when needed. 4. Long Term Memory the store house of everything known about the world and about our selfs. Our long term memory is unlimited and is stored in networks that involve each other. 5. Short Term Memory holds the knowledge currently in use. All new information and old information goes through your short term memory. Only a small amount of information can be held here and the information can only be held for a short amount of time. The new always replaces the old....
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