Speech Outline on Euthanasia

Speech Outline on Euthanasia - Jackson Farley 1/28/08 Kelly...

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Unformatted text preview: Jackson Farley 1/28/08 Kelly Herold CMST 191 Euthanasia… Good or Bad? Compare contrast? AG - Terms of Euthanasia. In Greek Euthanasia stems from the root “eu” which means good and “thanatos” which means death. In Greek Euthanasia means good death. Euthanasia also means mercy killing, assisted suicide, and painless killing. These are just some of the meanings of Euthanasia. MT – Euthanasia SP – Today, Euthanasia has mixed up people’s emotions and thoughts on the subject and here are some pros and cons on Euthanasia. PP – 1. Pro – Unbearable pain or untreatable cure. 2. Con – Devalues our ethics and human life. 3. Pro – The right to die. 4. Con – I t will become non-voluntary, doctors will have too much power. Forecast Sentence - What causes people to make this decision of Euthanasia? 1. Pro – Unbearable pain on person and family, also for untreatable diseases. One of the arguments for Euthanasia is the “Mercy Argument”, which states that we cannot ignore immense pain and suffering, or some untreatable disease some patients are going through. If there is no way out of the pain, or disease, why make the patient keep going on with their misery. If a patient is never going to leave the hospital because of the pain, why deny them the option of ending their life with dignity. Imagine yourself puking, coughing, having pain spasms, and losing control of your bodily functions for six months. Now imagine what you are thinking in your mind for that time, you know there is not a lot of hope and wondering why won’t the pain stop. I think some people would want to die and end there grueling suffering ( http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/discussion/euthanasia.html , 2001)...
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Speech Outline on Euthanasia - Jackson Farley 1/28/08 Kelly...

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